Detecting the undetectable 

Infrared thermography involves the detecting of heat emitted from a surface due to its temperature. Detecting an abnormal temperature profile is often linked to a problem arising from the system’s electrical or mechanical element, or from a structural component. Our team of highly skilled thermographers can help detect and measure these abnormalities according to the American Society of Nondestructive Testing standards.

Infrared thermography : a strict code of practice

The thermography services offered in the following areas are completed in compliance with the applicable codes, regulations, standards, procedures and frameworks in effect:

  • Moisture detection in building envelopes
  • Evaluation of building insulation quality
  • Air leakage evaluation in building envelopes
  • Electrical, mechanical and structural inspections
  • Roof moisture detection

Also available upon request:

  • Asbestos exams/tests
  • Air quality exams/tests
  • Mould exams/tests
  • Lead exams/tests
  • Pyrite exams/tests
  • Radon exams/tests
  • Private consultation/counselling session
  • Access to our network of engineering partners

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